I would think that it would have the same regulatory requirements as other nicotine containing products like nicotine gum. We're still regarding a chemical that causes birth defects and alters brain chemistry—but there are worse prescription drugs and narcotics.


Did I say double yellow, did I say highway, and do you think it is preferable to run into someone. Maybe in California the drivers aren't mentally devoid of thought who don't try to side swipe you because they're not on their phones, or think you have an imaginary lane that's not full of parked cars. The road isn't a…

Is it really an antiquated to represent a file or a program with both an icon and text? Which is still what Windows 8/RT/Phone Modern/Metro interface does. I think it has been around so long because of its practical nature. The 'innovation' in Windows 8 is combining icons and widgets into smart-apps.